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With the widespread of COVID-19, demands for untact services are intensifying. Remote meeting platforms like Zoom and MS Teams have attracted a huge user base, and concerts and festivals which required offline presence have converted to online concerts and festivals. Indubitably, we have become familiar with social connections in online settings. People tend to spend more time in homes or indoor settings due to ‘Social Distancing’ regulations, and offline meetings are being moved to online meetings. In this sense, our society has faced the ‘Era of Great Digital Transformation’ much faster than social demand.
At the very core of the “Era of Great Digital Transformation’ brought forward by the outbreak of COVID-19, there is metaverse. Metaverse is a compound word made from ‘Meta’ meaning virtual reality, and ‘Universe’ meaning real world. In the metaverse, users can do office work, take classes like they do in school, participate in social and cultural activities, and generate economic value. Also, metaverse offers an online platform where users can own assets, make investment decisions, and receive rewards in return.
Economic activities that can be done in the metaverse settings and the future business values that derive from the role of metaverse have attracted public attention as the metaverse market has grown exponentially in recent years. Investments on three-dimensional virtual platforms like metaverse have increased, and the technical necessity of IT technology has grown in order to pursue transparency between reality and virtual reality. Moreover, the content market that will make metaverse more rich with content is also gaining public attention.
TARI WORLD is a platform where influencers and general users with shared interests can come together to build their own metaverse towns. Developed on Web 3.0, TARI WORLD aims to offer users a novel virtual business environment, provide Real Estate NFTs, and establish a community-based NFT marketplace. The overarching goal is to generate new avenues for wealth creation and supplemental income. By doing so, TARI WORLD aspires to create a business model within this emerging metaverse where everyone has the opportunity for growth.
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