TARI WORLD Architecture

The architecture of the TARI WORLD platform is designed as a five-layer structure that utilizes both on-chain and off-chain technologies:
  • Client Interface
This layer provides the blockchain application interface. It transmits the user's endpoint data to the server layer and serves as the interface for blockchain integration.
  • Server & File Storage
This layer includes servers that actually process the client's requests from the interface and file storage that holds data generated on-chain and off-chain. The interface and server are interconnected using RPC API.
  • Smart Contract
This is the logic layer for smart contracts. It executes smart contracts for constructing on-chain data.
  • Data Integrity
This layer verifies the integrity of transactions and customer data, including proof of ownership. It also periodically calculates reasonable costs based on hash statistics of plays registered in the DApp and blockchain records, and processes raw data generated every second.