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  • User matching data within the TARI WORLD Metaverse Service are accumulated to automatically manage distributed matching data and big data generated from participation in the ecosystem. As platform data structuralizes the correlation of data utilized in the Metaverse, it shows higher synchronization rate compared to existing matching systems. When matching information of users participating in the ecosystem, text mining and machine learning of key information are carried out to model the route optimized to match information of users with similar tendencies. Furthermore, blockchain technology can safely protect user accounts during activity in TARI WORLD Dapp and external attacks such as AI Bot, and enables transparent and safe participation in the platform ecosystem.
  • TARI WORLD platform is a solution using blockchain technology to technically prevent large-scale spamming or transmission of meaningless push alarms in the form of macros and provide an ideal community environment through high-quality matching data systems. The data can lead to seamless protection of users’ personal information through the distributed ledger system.