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TARI WORLD Subscription System

TARI WORLD operates its own subscription system, offering various preemptive benefits based on its governance token, $TARI.
As the central element in the overall economic cycle within TARI WORLD, the $TARI token performs key functions. Users can avail the subscription system through $TARI.
The subscription system is designed to offer economic incentives to users who hold more $TARI tokens for longer durations. This allows for the efficient allocation of limited resources within TARI WORLD.
For instance, due to the limited availability and high demand for Land NFTs, their price is expected to rise. $TARI holders can utilize the subscription system to enjoy indirect benefits such as discounted prices and grade adjustments for Land NFTs.
As TARI WORLD expands its map and business scale, additional features like co-working spaces will be introduced through a real estate subscription system. Priority for these subscriptions will be determined based on the quantity and duration of $TARI token staking, similar to real-world housing subscription systems. In the case of communal workspaces, individual booths will be sold to particular enterprises or specific brands.