Operational Policies and Expected Impact

Initial Ecosystem Engagement Status
Basic Service (Community) Utilization Purchase available on NFT Marketplace
Proceed with NFT purchase
Decorating one's own space upon NFT purchase(Implementation of purchasing items in the metaverse) Selling functionality on NFT Marketplace
Hold 2 or more real estate NFTs (Land + Building)
Ability to invite to the town Authorization to purchase real estate NFTs for advertising purposes
Elected as the town's mayer
Managing town residents Commerce operations possible Operating sales rooms Approving advertisements and supporting revenue sharing
Corporate member or a resident of the town with 5,000 or more members
Advertising requests, operating festivals within TARI WORLD, and providing promotional support
Resident of the town with 200,000 or more residents
Support for TARI WORLD and offline event venues and joint participation
Resident of the town with 1,000,000 or more residents
Inclusion of affiliated towns as recommended towns by TARI WORLD, with additional rewards for town residents
  • The above conditions and features may change depending on the directions of business process
Detailed features in Tari World
  • Matches users with the same interest to provide the best community environment
  • Provides various content and economic activity features within the metaverse
  • Can create various profit models through marketplaces such as live commerce or auction house
  • Provides booths to individuals for various applications
  • Provides U2U transaction and payment system
  • Can create profit through advertisements and banners in the metaverse (Can advertise at key spots within the town)
  • Provides benefits to premium members and supports promotion for towns
  • Own differentiated network utilized to secure early-stage participants and organize the ecosystem