Road Map

▶ 2022 1Q
>> Market Research Related to NFT and Metaverse Trend
>> Establishment of Business Plan
>> Establishment of Branding and Strategic Plan
>> Team Recruitment and Settings
▶ 2022 2Q
>> Announcement of Master Plan
>> Web / Mobile Application Beta Version Development
  • Pre-Test Version Release
  • Receive feedback, Report Bugs, and Improve the Product Quality
▶ 2022 3Q
>> Perform closed beta testing of TARI WORLD with Dapp test-net Deployment
  • Development of Preliminary Registration and Management Functions for Personal Profiles, Open Chat Functions, Market Product Linkage, and Connecting Interactive functions within the NFT Community
  • NFT Community Beta Release and Beta Testing
  • NFT Community Full Version Launch
>> Launch Owned Media (blog & Instagram)
>> Pre-marketing Proceeds Before the First Version of the TARI WORLD Release
  • Electronic Multi-displayed Media ads, social media ads, etc
  • Traditional Marketing and viral marketing Regarding the Introduction of TARI WORLD and the Benefits From Early-stage users
  • Producing and Distributing TARI WORLD Promotional Videos
>> TARI Early-Stage Participant Limited Recruit
>> Land Presale #1
>> NFT Presale #1
  • Approximately Ten Thousand types of Land NFT, building NFT, Characters, and Items NFT on sale
  • It Is Divided Into 1-week Units For 3 weeks
>> Listing on the major exchange #1
▶ 2022 4Q
>> Create a Personal Profile Registration and Management Function Within the TARI WORLD
>> Developing TARI NFT Marketplace
  • Development of NFT Market Personal Wallet Linkage and Transaction Functions
  • NFT Market Beta Release and Beta Testing
  • The Main Version of NFT Market product Launches
>> Update TARI WORLD Design
  • Upgrade the Default Landing Page
  • Adding and Updating TARI WORLD Characters
  • NFT Market Theme and Event Updates (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)
  • Launch of new Character and Building Edition related to NFT Market theme
>> Auction for TARI WORLD NFT Special Edition
  • Collaborate with Famous Influencers & Celebrities/brands to Produce Exclusive NFT Editions
  • A Total of 5 NFT Editions Will Be Auctioned Sequentially for a month
>> Public Map Registration and Announcement
>> NFT Land Module Version 1.0
>> NFT Land Module Version 2.0
>> Listing on the Major Exchange #2
>> Update and promote beta version of Dapp
  • Code audit
>> Release the first main version of TARI WORLD
▶ 2023 1Q
>> TARI WORLD 1st version Release
>> NFT Marketplace Version 1.0
>> NFT Land Module Version 3.0
>> Whitepaper Version 2.0
▶ 2023 2Q
>> Dapp 2nd beta version Release
  • Code audit
>> Expansion of Partner Pool and Content
>> Opensea integration
▶ 2023 3Q
>> Staking, De-fi Product
>> Platform Connection
>> Listing on the major exchange #3, #4, #5
▶ 2023 4Q
>> Oversea localizing
-The roadmap may change subject to direction of business process or other variables which may arise during development-