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Within the expansive metaspace of TARI WORLD, each town evolves through community engagement and information sharing, thereby adopting its own unique characteristics. Unlike traditional metaverse platforms that focus solely on individual experiences, TARI WORLD aims to offer a communal space where towns grow and evolve collectively.
Users who are actual business owners operating shops or other ventures within the metaverse can link up with the TARI Town platform to disseminate information and run promotions. In return for contributing data, they receive TARI tokens as compensation. Moreover, the ecosystem of TARI Town will be enriched through special features available to renowned influencers and celebrities. Their participation will breathe life into the towns they join, drawing public attention to those areas.
TARI WORLD offers community features that provide various avenues for communication among town residents. To sustain an engaging community atmosphere while preventing abuse based on anonymity, a big data-driven anti-abuse system has been implemented.