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Business Objectives

We aim to provide services within TARI WORLD, a virtual space, by analyzing big data related to user interests, conversations, and transaction patterns. This data analysis will allow us to expand our services and offer insights to companies participating in TARI WORLD. Additionally, we will introduce a solution that utilizes virtual reality technology to facilitate real estate transactions through land NFTs, enabling users to trade ownership of virtual land and explore investment opportunities. Within the virtual metaverse, users can establish towns with like-minded individuals and strive to set standards in the NFT market using TARI tokens.
TARI WORLD will integrate Web 3.0 technology for metaverse development and blockchain technology for NFT issuance and trading. We will offer a comprehensive range of services for total virality and business solutions. Our primary target audience will be the MZ generation, focusing on providing entertainment services that capture their initial interest and gradually expanding our content offerings.
  • Big Data : Pursuing business activities related to TARI WORLD's inflow through the utilization of real estate NFTs
  • VR/Metaverse : Offering differentiated content aligned with current trends
  • Blockchain : Ensuring data integrity and providing trustworthiness and stability for digital assets