Business Objectives

TARI WORLD will provide all services related to total viral and business by grafting Web 3.0 technology for development of metaverse environment and blockchain technology for NFT issuance and transaction. Generation MZ, who can adapt and utilize this environment the quickest, shall be the core target; therefore entertainment services which meet their interest will be provided in the early stage of service, and the content pool will be gradually expanded.
TARI WORLD Foundation seeks to expand service and provide big data to corporations participating in TARI WORLD by analyzing user interests, dialogues and transaction patterns. Furthermore, it provides a solution which allows investment in the platform by trading land ownership through LAND NFT which serves as the real estate using virtual reality technology. The Foundation aims to allow users which share the same intentions to build towns within the virtual metaverse, preoccupy the NFT market through TARI token and set the standard for the best application of the technologies.
  • Big Data: Allows promotion of big data-related business through inflow of users interested in real estate NFT to TARI WORLD
  • Metaverse: Can provide differentiated content meeting current trends
  • Blockchain: Highly reliable and secure technology through which data are tamper-proof, which can be applied on digital assets