Sample of Virtual Environment in TARI WORLD Beta Version (2D) / Change to 3D Planned in Accordance with Development Directions
TARI WORLD, within the metaverse, serves as the foundational currency, enabling various economic activities and service utilization through its token. TARI WORLD's metaverse provides an objective and transparent transaction environment through blockchain technology, ensuring a secure platform safeguarded against personal data breaches and hacking. With the aim of constructing a multidimensional platform where virtual influence can genuinely impact the real world, TARI WORLD seeks to adopt an economic structure linked to various services and the physical economy.
In line with the trends of the MZ generation, which represents the majority of metaverse users, individuals have the freedom to personalize their spaces within the virtual realm, placing local hotspots and trendy stores according to their preferences. By expanding business collaboration with actual establishments, TARI WORLD offers comprehensive information on operating hours, seating, location, menus, and available products. Users can purchase real store items using TARI tokens, as well as access services such as reservations and deliveries. The goal is to establish itself as the leading metaverse platform bridging the virtual and real worlds through these functionalities.
TARI WORLD's metaverse hosts various events organized by users or businesses. TARI WORLD employs a notification system that leverages user interests through big data analysis, encouraging participation in multiple festivals. Users can engage in events and gain valuable information and benefits.
Businesses and organizations can conduct diverse marketing promotions, reaching not only their existing customer base but also effectively promoting their products to all TARI WORLD users. The services and applications of TARI WORLD, which can be accessed not only on PCs and mobile devices but also in the future through VR and AR, are introduced.
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