TARI Point

Management of TARI Points

TARI Points are recorded as off-chain data and offer the advantage of facilitating entry into the TARI WORLD metaverse for older generations who may not be proficient in trading TARI tokens. These points are stored on servers through a unique UID identification system distinguished by wallet addresses, and are safeguarded against abuse and hacking through ongoing validation and transparency measures.

Methods to Earn TARI Points via NFT Staking

Users can earn TARI Points as rewards for NFT staking, thereby contributing to the vitality of the TARI WORLD NFT ecosystem. Before the official launch of the TARI WORLD metaverse, benefits will be provided to early users through Land NFT staking. The staking methodology is as follows:
  • The conditions may be subject to changes depending on events and business directions.
  • Staking takes place once a week.
  • The reward pool available in each staking cycle is predefined based on different grades and distributed solely to staking participants.
  • Even if you participated in the last cycle, you need to reapply during the staking application period to earn rewards for the next cycle.
The contents may change depending on events and business direction.
Land NFT staking becomes available upon the public opening of the marketplace, and TARI Points will be credited to the email ID registered with the marketplace. Accumulated TARI Points can be checked in real-time under the staking tab in the marketplace.
The marketplace will run Land NFT staking until the official metaverse launch, after which users can earn rewards through staking services offered within the metaverse itself.

TARI Point User Reward System

  • Airdrops of TARI tokens to those who hold a certain amount of TARI Points.
  • Provision of TARI Point usage through partnerships with real-world businesses.
  • Invitations to holder parties, including TARI Fest.
  • TARI Points will be used as currency within the metaverse after its official launch.