Token Economy

Sample of Virtual Environment in TARI WORLD Beta Version (2D) / Change to 3D Planned in Accordance with Development Directions
TARI, TARI WORLD metaverse’s native token, serves as a key currency for the ecosystem.
Users can participate in various economic activities and use various service features by using the token. TARI WORLD metaverse offers blockchain-powered objective and transparent transaction settings, and provides a platform safe from privacy issues and hacking attacks.
As TARI WORLD aims to build a hyperdimensional platform where influence in the virtual world actually gets converted to influence in reality, TARI WORLD tries to form an economic architecture that is closely linked to various services and real world economies. We hereby introduce you to the services that will be offered at TARI WORLD which will support PC, mobile, AR/VR devices in the near future, and tell you how to use the services.