Real Estate NFT

TARI WORLD sells the rights of land ownership through official land sale in the metaverse platform.
TARI WORLD adopts the concept of LBM (Local Based Metaverse) which is recognized as a trend in the metaverse market. In this sense, TARI WORLD’s Real Estate NFTs include modeling and rendering on specific, real areas based on Google Maps and sell authentic NFTs rather than offering geometric buildings that do not exist in real world and yet offered in other metaverse platforms. To fit well with the millennials and Generation-Zs, TARI WORLD puts popular local venues and shops as the millennials and Generation-Zs make up the greatest portion in the metaverse user pool.
In TARI WORLD, users can buy products from a real shop with TARI token. TARI WORLD also supports reservation, shipping, and other consumer-related actions. This is possible as TARI WORLD offers complex information on working hours, available seats, locations, menus, list of products in collaboration with the shops in the real world for the purpose of expanding TARI WORLD’s business area. TARI WORLD aims to become the metaverse platform that represents the metaverse realm that connects virtual reality with reality with the abovementioned features.
Also, town users who run a business both in real life setting and in a metaverse setting can offer business-related information and carry out promotional activities in connection to the abovementioned real estate NFT. The users are granted with a reward in the form of TARI token for providing useful data to the ecosystem.
When influencers or celebrities join TARI Town platform, they shall be given exclusive features so that the towns can become active and recognized. TARI Town can be built in LBM structure like the real estate NFT section or can also be built uniquely by selecting each design element. When town participants intend to build facilities like hotels, camping zones, and libraries for a uniquely designed town, they can pay necessary construction fees in the form of donation by using TARI tokens. When the necessary construction fees are fully gathered, the participants will be granted access to use the facilities.
In regard to the characteristics of Millennials and Gen-Zs that seek individuality, TARI WORLD allows its users to modify interior and exterior design elements for public facilities based on My Building engine. Furthermore, rewards are distributed to the towns that actively participate in the ecosystem and gain momentum in growth in accordance with the TARI WORLD’s policy.
TARI WORLD aims to meet the values of metaverse that links virtual reality with reality by minimizing the spatial distortions related to real map, geographic shape and size through TARI WORLD’s unique rendering and calculation formula and building a realistic metaverse world.